• Electoral Transparency Observatory (OTE)

    The work at the Electoral Transparency Observatory of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) brought together the organizations: ABI, Abraji, Artigo 19, Educafro, Ethos, Igarapé, InternetLab, Instituto Tecnologia & Equidade, Movimento de Combate à Corrupção Eleitoral, Open Knowledge Brasil, Poder do Voto, RAPS, RenovaBr, Transparência Eleitoral Brasil, Instituto Não Aceito Corrupção, Coalizão em Defesa do Sistema Eleitoral, Fórum das Centrais Sindicais em reuniões remotas mensais com o Presidente do tribunal.

    The Electoral Transparency Observatory of the Superior Electoral Court invited Pacto pela Democracia and organizations from the network to participate in the Electronic Ballot Box Security Test ceremony, which took place in May 2022 in Brasilia.

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    Comitê de Transparência das Eleições (CTE)

    In addition to the Observatory, the TSE created the Election Transparency Committee (CTE), which included two organizations from Pacto's network (Transparência Eleitoral Brasil and Open Knowledge Brasil). It brought together experts, representatives of political parties, and institutions. This meeting space facilitated direct contact with the Superior Electoral Court and allowed for strategic exchanges on more technical matters with the Court.


    Within the frameworks created by the TSE, several proposals from civil society were forwarded to the Court for implementation on election day. These included the closure of shooting clubs, a ban on the circulation of weapons, and the need to ensure protection mechanisms for voters and poll workers. It was also recommended to the TSE, as part of the Observatory and Committee initiatives, to prohibit poll workers from wearing the Brazilian national football team shirt. This suggestion stemmed from the association of the team shirt with former president Jair Bolsonaro.

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