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     During the 2021-2022 biennium, Brazil has experienced an escalation of threats to its democratic system and fundamental rights and freedoms. Under the then-current government, there were clear, serious, and escalating attacks against democratic institutions. These attacks included threats to public participation and organized civil society, repression against critical voices, and false claims against the integrity of our electoral process and its results. All of this turned out to be a litmus test for the capacity of Brazilian society and institutions to ensure the survival of the country's already shaky democratic system. Faced with such a complex situation, Pacto pela Decmoracia (Pact for Democracy) has moved forward in line with its mission to foster mobilization for the defense and strengthening of the democratic environment in Brazil. 

    Actions for the Defense and Strengthening of the Democratic State

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    We entered 2021 facing the impacts of COVID-19 in Brazil, along with the consequences of the shrinking of our civic space, in a context marked by attempts to surveil, intimidate, and persecute opponents of the government. As the year progressed, this situation intensified, exposing us to significant risks of a democratic breakdown. The government and its supporters consistently targeted Brazilian democratic institutions, with a particular focus on the Supreme Court and the national electoral system.

     Facing this scenario, Pacto pela Democracia — a broad and diverse network comprising over 200 civil society organizations and movements — swiftly acted against the escalating threats to the Democratic State. Through collaborative efforts, this network not only prevented attacks against democratic institutions, but also joined forces to protect and enhance the electoral process, given that the upcoming general elections were less than a year away. Therefore, we started building networks with the potential to enhance democratic culture, increase transparency, and solidify the legitimacy of the Brazilian electoral process of the Brazilian electoral process. These networks and partnerships were consistently established and strengthened over the subsequent year. 


    The Most Challenging Elections in Recent History

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    In 2022, Pacto faced its greatest challenge to date — a crucial moment in the country's recent political history. The government and its supporters launched severe and repeated attacks on the integrity of Brazil's electoral system. Organized civil society responded with unprecedented efforts to safeguard Brazilian democracy, fostering unparalleled cooperation across various sectors to ensure free and fair elections, with results respected by everyone. The 2022 election was about much more than choosing a new president; it was about the Brazilian people's choice for democracy.

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    The actions carried out by the Pact o pela Democracia network over the course of 2021 and 2022 were crucial in providing assistance for the Brazilian democratic resistance against an authoritarian escalation tied to then-President Bolsonaro, who attacked the electoral system on multiple occasions. These two years have been marked by major battles over the future of democracy in our country, with organized civil society playing a central role.


    As a result of the democratic trench we have built up in recent years, we can now say that our cooperation and coordination capacities have been strengthened. What emerges from this challenging journey is the awareness that democracy is a constant construction project, and we cannot take it for granted. If democracy is not actively and permanently nurtured, strengthened, idealized, improved, and defended, there is no guarantee of its survival.


    Pacto pela Democracia will continue to be committed to its goal of uniting, coordinating, and empowering civil society to enhance democratic development in Brazil.


    Scope of mobilization, coordination, and dissemination actions undertaken during 2021 and 2022


    Over 60K

    people subscribed to the Pacto Newsletter and Radar.


    Over 1 million

    reached by the election campaign.


    More than 70

    organizations participated in action fronts.



    manifestos were published by our network. 



    new organizations joined the Pact, bringing the total to 217 member institutions.

  • This report details the activities carried out by Pacto pela Democracia during the 2020-2022 period, divided into four main categories: Ensuring the integrity of the electoral process, Defending the elections, Respecting the voting results, and Fighting retrogression. The report provides detailed descriptions of our actions and results, along with testimonials from our networks, numerical data, and national press releases. Explore the sections at the top of the page to learn more about our work!


    To find out more about Pacto pela Democracia, visit: www.pactopelademocracia.org.br.